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The Moshpit

Akshat TripathiAkshat Tripathi, the Ever-Child
1 upvote by Julie Prentice.
We were selected in our sleep
Only those made it who were in too deep.
For gouging out eyes requires more
Anesthesia than to bear a German-coupon-day whore.

With us stripped down for efficiency
Salpherite shoved intravenously to prevent Zn deficiency.
They dumped us in the square circle
Yes, four at a time with foreheads branded with respective zirkels.

The crowd falls into The Rapture.
Like the White queen on the day of Frabjous
'Twas  I they pointed at, the nuova.
This is it, GO SUPERNOVA.

The words were a sword through the water,
The three attempted to catch my air, it was a slaughter.
Logic and reason, freshly out and totally unseasoned
Shoved the three out the Armour, exceptionally treasoned.

The mosh went into vibration and the vibrations went berserk, 
It loved to viddy the three in the obscuring murk.
The mosh entered the pit, all wanted a shred of me
With no eyes they made me see the beloved depravity
Of the Will To Power.


please people, submit, submit!...