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The Dark Room

The room, as dark
As the vision of a blind eye
Walls, I cannot see, but
Floor, I can hold onto,
Ghostly smoke curls up like spaghetti
Dancing on my blurred illusions
Lost, like in infinity.

Stars my mind can discern
Escape my eye
Dodge the vision
My sub consciousness wakes up
The stealthy rogue that sleeps inside
Chases every move like a stalker
The room gets darker

But now I can see
At moments, brilliant calm and
At moments, pandemonium
Plastered walls like mountainous shadows
Close me like a gigantic prison
Dazzling flickers of light flash
Burn the darkness into ashes
Like a phoenix, it rises again.

I can see objects
Shady boundaries
Sharp tinges
Gory detail

I find clues, mystic, ironic and contradictory
They confuse me
Excite me
Frighten me
I cannot pursue them
The path of the clues is all truth-laden
The cunning truth with a ploy
The brilliant light comes
Strikes my eye like a sharp sword
With uneasy eyes
I awake.


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