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when you sense
the possibility of light
the way a shark
can sense a drop of blood
in the endless ocean

it won't matter any longer
that the night is cold
and you have no shoes

the pavement feels as if it
was made for you to rest
the cracks say yes

tear away the drapes
concealing the man submerged
in a chamber full of water
wrapped in chains
and see that he is gone

believe that it is
if you wish

life tilts upon
an axis that reveals
an extraordinary plane
that you can run your fingers
and they become real

you can wonder if you
are the first to discover this
or the last
it makes no difference
to the discovery

when you understand
the balm for your greatest fear
can be created
from your own twisted guts

you may reach in
and pull them out
with your
real hands

it's there
it's in there
it's always been
all right


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