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Kelly EricksonKelly Erickson, Small business Experience Desi... (more)
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what if you fell in love, but fell wrong?
what if you never really
fell at all?
what if you’ve been in love all your life with a song, but you
held it inside and kept your wishes too small?

what if his hair was curly and long, and his eyes
were as green as the sea?
what if you fell ‘til you broke all your bones, and still
never knew what could be?

what if you waited
eyes closed and heart wide
and some unexpected thing
walked inside?

would you run
would you stumble
toward or away?
would you crawl
would your insides
burn every day?

maybe it’s better
not to know

when the lights come up
just watch the show


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Kelly Erickson
Kelly Erickson
Small business Experience Designer, author of the Maximum Cust...